Water Purifiers and Water Purification Systems

Water purifier solutions for all problems. With the right water purifier you can eliminate any issue that you have, from bad tasting water to water with high lime content that causes breakages. 
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When your drinking water from the tap tastes or smells bad it is due to chemicals added during the municipal purification process.

One of the chemicals is chlorine and although chlorine extremely hazardous to your health it gets rid of harmful bacteria and other organic materials.


Hard Water creates endless problems with your plumbing clogging up, the geyser element consistently breaking, and overuse of soaps because things just don’t seem to get clean.

Sadly, the impact on your skin, hair and youth is highly understated.


Dirty municipal water has a health risk to your and your family.

The primary reason for this is systems that should be purifing the water are not functioning correctly.


To have high quality drinking water that tastes and smells good a reverse osmosis system is the ideal solution being used by most people.

A reverse osmosis system will remove all the chemicals and trace elements from the water, improving the taste and smell.

During the final stage minerals that you would normally find in water, which are required by the body, are added back into the water.

Once done you will have clean, healthy water that contains all the elements the body requires with no harmful or bad tasting substances.


Water Softener uses a unique process where the elements that create the hard water are physically removed from the water before it enters your home.

The elements that create the hard water are magnesium and calcium.

When the water filters through the beads, these elements attach themselves to the beads physically removing them before your water enters your home.


Clean Water

The Mega Char is a system where the water is cleaned of sediments and other organic materials before it enters your home.

If you are also a sufferer from hard water and the noticable impacts of it,  The Mega Char is the ideal system to ensure consistent good quality clean water.

The mega char runs all the incoming water through a carbon filter removing sediment and smells from the water.


Get Your Water Clean Before It Is Too Late!

Normal tap water anywhere in South Africa has a taste… Not that pleasant at the best of times.

Because of this very fact you tend to drink much less water than what you should depriving your body the essential element for good health and well being…


SA Water
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On average you should be drinking at least two litres of water per day enabling your body to flush out all the waste products.

By not doing this you are putting your health and that of your family at risk…

But let’s be honest: “Who wants to drink two litres of bad tasting tap water each and every day?

Now great tasting healthy water is right within your reach

Get your own home water purifier system today without devastating your bank account.

Easy to follow installation instructions ensures any DIY person would easily be able to fit the water purifier, but if this is not your cup of tea a quick call to your local plumber will have it up and running within an hour.

Just imagine having great tasting water at your fingertips 24/7

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Our range of water purifiers require very low maintenance, and in some cases, none at all. The most tedious job would be replacing the filters once per year… this could take up to 20 minutes to do when working slowly… so be warned.

Once you have experienced the great taste of purified water in your own home you will wonder why you have waited so long.

Water purifiers from SA Water Purification are:

  • Very affordable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Very easy to install
  • And get up to a 90% improvement in overall water quality


During 2010 SA Water Purifiers installed a water purification system in my newly built home in Woodland Hills, Bloemfontein which enabled me to purify rainwater which I gather in a tank as well as purify the municipal water. The system removes all the chlorine, sediment and bacteria from both water sources. Now my family has pure clean safe water from any tap in our home and I highly recommend SA Water Purifiers as a professional and reliable company from where you can get any water purification system.

Neels Niewoudt
Woodland Hills


Reverse Osmosis removes all sediments from drinking water; including life threatening Chlorine. It also removes all bad odors, tastes and smell. After the 5 stage cleansing, filtration process; the 6th stage injects all the minerals your body needs to function at optimal hydration levels. Under the Counter Reverse Osmosis System provides safe, pure water using Reverse Osmosis Technology. It’s capable of removing over 90% of total dissolved solids, +99% of all organics and +99% of all bacteria. After which of course it ensures all minerals are returned to the water with the mineralizer.


A Water Softener has been proven to reduce and eliminate lime scale build up; thereby removing the ‘hardness’ of your water before it enters your plumbing and creates an extreme amount of damage on your electrical appliances and water pipes. 

Removing the lime scale will ensure much less plumbing problems and you will physically feel the difference on your skin and hair.

Dishwashers, Geyser elements, water taps, shower heads etc. will be protected from lime-scale clogging and more! 


De-scalers don’t remove lime from the water, but it changes the composition of the lime-scale to render it into a  dormant state.
which may prevent further build up of lime-scale clogging after descaling took place.
The real risk lies in that it can start building up again, which is the reason your
geyser and other electrical accessories will continue to break.
If “descaled” water lies still for too long in a tank or water pipes or it gets above a certain degree of
heat (as in a geyser), the lime-scale may start building up again.
Lime-scale accumulates in its natural form therefore looking for any disturbance opportunity to go back
to the same pattern of accumulation.
We recommend de-scalers for irrigation purposes, as cold water gets treated
by descaling over longer periods.
Houses and other buildings do not normally use water constantly, thus making
it hard for descaling to be done properly.(Except in the case of our dosing system)
Descaling could be a slow process and in most cases high intensity lime deposits may not all be treated to become dormant.
A Water softener is still the most effective system to remove hardness from
water and in case of a booster pump being used from the water tank to the
building, a high pressure automatic water softener can be installed after the
pressure pump.
Lime-scale is physically being removed by the resin of the softener from the water, then rinsed off with coarse salt and
excreted during the regeneration process. Lime and magnesium minerals that
cause hardness, together with the salt (sodium minerals) are all excreted
during regeneration and do not go through to the building.


Scale build up on heating coils can have a significant effect on your already high electricity bill.  As a rule of thumb 1mm of scale on the heating coils in your geyser for instance will increase your energy cost by 15%.

By using the Siliphos Water Treatment system in your main water supply, it will slow down and stop corrosion by forming a thin protective layer over metallic surfaces. Siliphos prevents scale, stops corrosion and removes existing scale in old pipes.


Is your Municipal water quality less than satisfactory? You need Mega Char – THE Municipal water cleaning solution!

In addition to removing volatile organic compounds, the Mega Char improves water quality by removing bad tastes and odors. The Mega Char system from SA Water cleans your dirty sediment filled municipal water with an advanced 3 layered system that removes particles and residue from the water.


You can now start your own Water Bottling Business with the perfect Water Station, utilizing only the best Reverse Osmosis purified and mineralized water! The All in One Bottling Unit is designed as a small start-up bottling plant. It can either be used to sell water directly to the public or to bottle your own water. The two basic units are capable of producing +- 1000 – 2000 litres of Reverse Osmosis purified water per 8 – 10 hour day.. 
Start your own Water Bottling Business today!


When water contains larger than normal amounts of calcium and magnesium it is called hard water. Hard water in itself is not a real issue, however the problems that occur due to hard water is of interest to all of us. It is easy to determine whether you have hard water when you are washing with any form of soap. There is very little foam and you actually have to use more soap to get your washing clean. The more serious problem caused by hard water is the clogging of your plumbing pipes and the extensive damage done to electrical geyser elements, but there is a solution in various water softener and descaling treatments.

Scale and Biofilm Prevention System

The scale and biofilm prevention system is very versatile and accurate to prevent the build-up of hardness scale (due to high concentrations of Calcium and Magnesium ions) and bio-film in various water reticulation systems.