Home water filtration systems are becoming very popular and for good reason. The water we are receiving from the municipalities or from other sources like boreholes have contaminants in them which can have serious health effects.

There are several different home filtration systems available depending on your exact needs and the source of your water. The systems vary in price depending on size and how much water you need to filtrate on a daily basis.

There is a system for every budget from the basic mineral pots to reverse osmosis, water softeners and descalers.

Before you purchase any home water filtration systems, you should have your water tested. This will let you know how much you need to be spending on a system, and which type of water filter you need. After you get the results back, you should decide if you want to get a faucet mounted system, or a system that can be installed directly into your pipes.

 Home water filtration systems that treat the water throughout your home can be pricey initially, but these systems may make more sense for your family in the long run.

If the test results for your water prove that your drinking water has nitrates, high amounts of sodium, or ferrous iron, you may want to consider getting a reverse osmosis filtration system. This will provide additional purification for your water, and will take out a number of the contaminants that cause major health problems such as asthma or bronchitis.

If you decide to get a carbon filter for your home, you should also install a sediment filter in front of the carbon filter. This will remove the solid harmful particles from the water, and will increase the effectiveness of the carbon filter.

The different systems can either just purify your drinking water or all the water that comes into your home. It will be wise, if your budget allows, to have a system to soften the water coming into your home and then use a reverse osmosis system for your drinking and cooking needs.

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