If the lime in your water supply is damaging your electrical appliances, making your water white when coming out of the tap… Imagine what it looks like in your plumbing when it lies there all day!


Lime scale build up happens over time and when you least need any problems something will break.

You can prevent lime scale by removing the ‘hardness’ of your water before entering your plumbing.

A water softener has been proven to reduce and eliminate lime scale build up in plumbing and appliances.

You will prevent further build up and on top of that get a much higher quality of water.

  • No more spots on shower walls
  • No more spots on your glassware
  • Laundry comes out cleaner
  • Your clothes are fluffier
  • No more soap deposits left in your washing that causes itching and rashes
  • The overall water quality is improved and it really does feel softer

Some of the complaints we have heard:

The dishes are slippery when wet (true)

My hair is all puffy (true, no more mineral deposits left)

We have supplied and installed 683 water softener units for household and industrial purposes.

Through our experience we have learned to use only high quality heads. Our automatic heads have a five year guarantee and the manual heads a two year guarantee.

We do not have degrees in engineering and we do not produce water softener units, but we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with a water softener that will suit your needs.

If we can’t deliver on our promise and you are not happy with the results in the first 30 days we have a full money back guarantee. Contact us today!

If you have a high salt content in your water a water softener will not remove the salt, it will actually taste more salty. There are different systems that cater for this particular problem.

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A water softening system works on a ‘ion exchange’. Hardness in the water is caused by magnesium and calcium in the water. For every grain of hardness that is removed (calcium/magnesium) it must be replaced with an equal amount of salt.

Your water softener exchanges the calcium with salt. In truth calcium is salt as well; the calcium salts are just replaced with sodium salts. If the softener works perfectly there would be an exact exchange but this is not always the case therefor in our system a rinsing is incorporated to remove any excess salt that might be left.

There are water softeners for any small or large application and we provide systems for domestic and industrial use.

Using a water softener will add value and savings by ensuring clean water without the minerals that can clog up piping in your home including the washing machine, dishwasher, solar geyser, normal geyser and everything else where water goes through.
Give us a call today to find out how you can get your water softener installed in your home or business and how a water softener works.

A water softener is most likely one of the more popular water treatment technologies available today in South Africa. There are different ways in which a water softener works but the end result remains the same.