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It uses simple physics, but is effective in how it softens your water in a safe and controlled manner with it then becoming far better for you to drink. It will reduce the amount of limescale that is building up in your pipes and undoubtedly improve the taste of your water by making it purer and far healthier for you to drink.

Just how does a Magnetic Water Softener Work?


We all want to have the best possible drinking water in our homes, but we are often not able to just drink straight from the tap for various reasons, but there are solutions out there and one such solution is a magnetic water softener. There is a good chance that you may never have heard of this before and will, therefore, have no idea as to how it works, so do continue reading in order to learn more.

Basically, if you have hard water, then it means you have higher concentrations of minerals such as magnesium and calcium and this, in turn, leads to scale and this builds up inside your pipes and reduces the flow and this will continue until the pipes become completely blocked. Your water will also then taste different from how it should, but this is a problem that can be cured and one way is to look at softening your water and this is where magnets come into play.

In short, what happens with a magnetic water softener is that it reverses the polarity of the different scale particles as they pass through the magnet. This works because calcium particles pick up a positive charge when they are coming through pipes and they then stick to metal that has a negative charge leading to the scale building up. By changing the polarity it means the calcium particles have a negative charge and it means they do not stick and, therefore, reduce the build up of scale and all of this is done without the need for any chemicals going into your pipes or water.