Municipal water less than satisfactory?

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You need Mega Char – THE Municipal water cleaning solution!

Our Mega Char system cleans your dirty sediment filled municipal water with an advanced 3 layered system that removes particles and residue from the water.

In addition to removing volatile organic compounds, the Mega Char improves water quality by removing bad tastes and odors

The Mega Char is a vessel that can be filled with different layers of filtration media to filter and cleanse the water.

The first layer removes large particles and sediment from the water and the second coconut shell activated layer removes  Chlorine  Volatile compounds. 

This process improves overall water quality, purity and taste.

Due to our Tubular design and because our filters have a longer “detention time” that the water has with activated carbon, the Mega Char from SA Water IS more effective!

This is why our Mega Char stands head and shoulders above other products for its “whole house” filtration and other features such as its backwash and rinse capability.

These lengthen the lifetime of media and thus ensures a much lower maintenance cost. The system prevents algae growth on the inside and can handle a maximum pressure of 150 psi.

To clean your dirty sediment filled municipal water, the SA Water Mega Char is low maintenance, top quality and effective solution to choose.

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