The Ultra Filtration Water Purifier system is an excellent alternative to the traditional Reverse Osmosis System. 

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  • Does not waste water
  • No Storage Tank
  • Works with low pressure
  • Does not require electricity

The Ultra Filtration System is connected to your incoming water supply with a faucet at the sink.

When you open the faucet water runs through the system giving you clean healthy water.

The 5 stage process ensures high quality water.

Incoming water runs through

  • A sediment filter to remove sediment, silt and loose particles.
  • Two Coconut shell activated carbon filters for the removal of chemicals like chlorine and organic contaminants like endocrine disrupting hormones.
  • An ultra-filtration membrane for the removal of bacteria, viruses and fine suspensions.
  • A taste and odour filter to ensure great tasting water.
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