WATER BOTTLING BUSINESS ~ Easy to install Water Stations

You can now set up your own water bottling business quickly and easily with the All in One water bar. The start-up unit can do 100 x 5 litre bottles or 1000 x 500 ml bottles during an 8 hour day.

It is the perfect low cost start up water bottling business which does not require a high capital outlay and can easily be installed anywhere.

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The Perfect Fit

You are the perfect fit for the All in One Water Unit as an entrepreneur starting your own water bottling business with limited capital. Bottled water is in high demand around the country and with the right equipment and service can become a very profitable enterprise.

Advantages of the All in One Water Unit:

  • Pressure storage tanks eliminate the need for secondary sterilization and additional water pump making it cost effective.
  • Compact table with a small footprint that houses all purification equipment and serves as a bottling table.
  • Unit is very easy to install because it is factory built and tested, thereby requiring very little assembly.
  • Compact and well-designed bottling stations on top of the unit.


Having a water bar also increases foot traffic to your store, thereby giving you an opportunity to upsell your other products.

What’s included:

  • R0218 Reverse Osmosis purifier capable of purifying at 50 Liters per hour.
  • 2 x Pressurized storage tanks with a capacity of 70 Liters.
  • Taste and Odour polishing filter.
  • Table to house purification equipment and be used as Bottling Table.
  • 2 x Bottling Stations for 500 ml Bottles.
  • 2 x Bottling Stations for 5 Liter Bottles.
  • 1 x Bottling Station on the side for 25 Liter Bottles.
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