Are you going mad with endless problems with your plumbing clogging up or the geyser element consistently breaking?

Frustrated that you need to use loads of soap because things just don’t seem to get clean?

Believe me, we know what it’s like! The cause is the Lime scale in your water supply which is building up on your plumbing elements and electrical appliances and is referred to as Hard Water.

There is nothing more annoying than the spots on your shower walls, dishes, taps… or the drizzle of a shower instead of a proper pressure spray; let alone dripping taps or a broken geyser element when you least expect or need it?

The impact of Hard Water on the plumbing system, your skin, hair and health is not understated.

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The sneaky Lime scale and magnesium mineral build-up happens over a long period of time as a white residue; and just imagine what it looks like in your plumbing where it lies all day when the water is not running!

If you’re like most people, you probably do not realize that (despite the frustrations which the obvious signs are trying to tell you); just how the problem is growing … with all life’s distractions and so much on your plate, you let it be… just for something to break before you wake up – too late!

Considering that the impact on your hair and skin and health is not clearly understood; it is sadly much more than the appliances or plumbing that is adversely affected!

It’s almost as frightening as hurtling down a hill at top speed, suddenly to see a sharp turn in the road ahead, or a car pull out just in front of you, and having absolutely no way of slowing down. Because once this “sleeping” monster wakes up or your family gets ill; there is a lot to deal with all at once. Hard water is a menace!

Have you ever poured a glass of tap-water and watched in nauseating horror as you noticed was milky and then how the particles slowly dropped to the bottom of the glass? Your imagination runs rampage as the white specs seem to “come alive” and glare at you as horrible germs!

So, you decide that “whatever the world has come to”… right down to buying water at a crazy price; and even paying for shopping bags – give me a break!” – that you will opt for the expense of purchasing instead.

But it does not have to be that way!

You end up feeling confused and overwhelmed by all the plumbing jargon you just don’t understand. Well, despite the sinking feeling you have in the pit of your stomach, you only realize the impact of that suspicion to be true when Hard Water declares war on your appliances, plumbing and geyser elements … let alone your health. That’s enough to pull your hair out, we know!

For many it is a shocking experience when they discover not using a Water Softener leads to real financial losses! 

Once your Water Softener is correctly installed and configured you will physically feel the change!

There are two main solutions to Hard water, the first being Water Softener and the second is Descalers.

A Descaler functions by changing the molecular complex of the lime in the water, thus preventing it from accumulating onto pipes, elements etc. The fact is, that after having been treated by the particular process, the lime is still present in the water although not able to accumulate onto something.

When it comes to treating houses and buildings for lime scale problems; we have found that Water Softener is a much more effective method to deal with Hard Water issues. This is because the resin contained within the system blocks many sediments present; and removes Lime from the water. And this “Soft Water” literally changes everything – it actually feels softer!

So, truthfully; despite the Descaler preventing further residue build-up; the lime still left in the water is hazardous to your health, your family’s health and has horrible effects on your hair and skin!

Household and Industrial Water Softeners work on a proven ion exchange system which ensures your hard water becomes clean, “soft water”; thus preventing any further damage to hot water elements, solar geysers and the plumbing in your home.

The added bonus is that it removes lime and magnesium minerals from the water! 

My name is Mario Human and I’m the founder and CEO of SA Water Purification Systems, where we truly are fanatics about purity and supply top quality water purification and water softening systems to enhance people’s lives.

And what I’ve learned in the many years of business is that the easiest and most reliable way to change the hard water to clean soft water is to utilize a Water Softener, which truly does create a much better quality of water!

It’s literally the difference between an average result and a “life changing, WOW” kind of result. And when you apply it in your home; you literally experience and feel the difference immediately!

With a Water Softener installed you’ll be thrilled to find just how much “goodness” you’ve been missing and how much money you have lost unnecessarily! 

Now what makes the Water Softener from SA Water Purification Systems different to other options out there is it uses a unique process where many elements that create the hard water are physically removed from the water before it enters your home. Our top quality Water Softener is the perfect solution to deal with Hard Water and the immense problems it creates! 

As the water filters through the beads inside the Water Softener; these elements attach themselves to the beads; thereby physically removing sediments before your water enters your home. If you want to go a step further than dealing with Hard Water; speak to our team about our 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis System which completely purifies water to the finest microns and also injects all the healthy nutrients back into the pure water via a Mineral Injector.

We have supplied and installed close to a thousand Water Softener units for household and industrial purposes.Through our experience we have learned to use only high quality heads and thus our system leads to very satisfied customers!

To put that into perspective the schematic below describes the process of transforming Hard Water to Soft Water.

water softener process

Here is a little “taste” of the blow-away experience you will have once you are using Soft Water:

Here is a little “taste” of the blow-away experience you will have once you are using Soft Water:

  • No more spots or residue on your shower walls!
  • No more spots on your dishes and glass-wear
  • Cleaner, fluffier, fresher clothes
  • No more rashes or itching from clothes with all the soapy deposits now removed
  • No more drizzling shower heads- instead… a proper spray!
  • No more leaking or dripping taps
  • No more expensive damage to your plumbing elements and electrical appliances
  • Imagine the improved quality and taste of water!
  • Health improvement and an incredible difference you will notice in your hair and skin!

This is just a “taste” of what people are already saying about the Water Softener from SA Water:

Neels says: “During 2010, SA Water Purification Systems installed the Water Softener system for me in my newly built home in Woodlands Hills in Bloemfontein. This enables me to catch rain-water and purify it while also purifying my municipal water and clearing it of chlorine, sediments and bacteria. It is an excellent product which I definitely recommend!”

Wouter commented: “Now that I have the Water Softener installed, my family and I am drinking and using soft, clear water from any of our taps in and around our home. I recommend SA Water Purification Systems as a professional and reliable supplier to anyone who wants to purchase a top quality Hard Water solution!”

Nico wrote: “I purchased my automatic Water Softener from SA Water Purification Systems in 2011 after doing a lot of research and getting comparative quotes from other suppliers. I’m extremely happy to have found the good quality of product and service I received from them! Excellent system!”

Roets noted: “I was assured of the best quality service from SA Water Purification Systems and they did not disappoint! There was a delay in stock of the automatic head due to a factory back-log and I resorted to utilizing a manual system in an effort to ensure soft water until stock arrived. But, when I finally found Mario and his team at SA Water Purification Systems, they delivered and installed the head and I’m extremely satisfied!”

Dan wrote: “I’m pleased to recommend the products and service of SA Water Purification Systems. I am very happy with my System and the difference it has made in our life on all levels. In addition, the impressive level of service and after service support from a team that has integrity”

If you’ve stayed with me this far, I’m sure you’re wondering how much such worthy investment is going to involve.

And that’s a fair question given the Water Softener from SA Water Purification Systems is made of the highest quality precision machined parts, and hand tuned before being installed to you.

With many weak quality systems on the market; which do not deliver on promises – and cost thousands!… we do not compromise on quality and client satisfaction!

Our quality is affordable value which is quoted with a custom solution to your particular needs – quality is not something we ever compromise; but affordability is our aim and mission in sharing our fanaticism about purity to the benefit and health of our nation!

So the very reason we provide only the best quality products and parts; is that we understand that a lot of people just can’t afford to fork out extreme amounts of money every time they’re faced with a plumbing problem; and neither can you afford to not the benefits and thrills from having Soft Water for everyday use!