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Water Softener Installation – The Right Steps


water softenerWater softener installation can be a headache for many of you. Many of the water softener systems that you may have purchased came with confusing manuals that made the entire installation process more complex, but not anymore. With the SA Water Purification Systems, the entire process of water softener installation is made quite simple as well as easy.

Water softener installation needs you to go through certain steps after which you can use the machine without any difficulty. The steps are:

The first and foremost thing that you require to do is choose the place where you will be setting up the system. You can either set it up at your home or outside depending on the source of water and should absolutely keep it dry. You must keep in mind to keep the system at a place where the temperature does not fluctuate much.

Make sure to install the system near an electric outlet and a drain. Even if there is no drain, you can use a tube to flush out the excess water.

The next step is to read the manual and follow the given steps accordingly. SA Water Purification Systems come with an extremely easy to understand manual that guides you through all the processes.

Now according to the manual you need to place the distribution pipe in the water tank making sure that both its ends are sealed.

Add gravel and resin to the tank and unseal the ends of the distribution pipe.

You need to now connect the bypass valve to the control valve to ensure that water is getting supplied.

At last you need to put water and salt in the quantity given in the manual and run a backlash to avoid system failure and detect any kind of leaks. In case of any leaks, make sure that all the screws are tight and you have not avoided any step.

SA Water Purification Systems come with extremely user-friendly water softener installation process that simplifies your problems and keeps you free of any kind of hassle.